Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Talentplus questions for Estee Lauder company?

Has anyone done the talent plus interview for an account coordinator position with Lauder company? Any examples of questions?Talentplus questions for Estee Lauder company?
I found a website that promotes this program. It can tell you a little more about it.…

Each Talent Plus Interview is carefully researched and validated to ensure that the questions differentiate the best performers from those who are mediocre or poor performers. Each Talent Plus interview is made up of behavioral elements or life themes, which research has shown to be essential to successful job performance. Following the completion of the interview questions, the interviewer has a “profile” of the varying strengths of the interviewee’s life themes. This allows the interviewer to identify the success potential of the candidate in the particular position prior to making the hiring decision, avoiding costly hiring mistakes.

Here's a sample report:…
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