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Is MAC made by estee lauder?

I was told by a friend that Mac was made by estee lauder and just wondering if it was true.Is MAC made by estee lauder?
They are part of the same company, yes. They are both Aveda brands.Is MAC made by estee lauder?
No. Estee Lauder and MAC are two different makeup companies. LIke Cle de Peau and Trish McEvoy. Two different companies. Separate from each other. They may be sold at the same stores, but indeed, different companies. If you are not sure, you could buy a MAC product and search it to look for a Estee Lauder name. Or you could ask an employee at MAC stores or ask someone at Saks or something.

MAC was BOUGHT OUT by Estee Lauder, so it's under the same company, but they do not make MAC proucts

But Sephora's make up is better :)
MAC as well as Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Aveda, Origins, Stila and many others are owned my Est茅e Lauder Companies.
Estee Lauder owns the MAC company along with many other cosmetic companies.
Think its MAX FACTORS more highend line.. google it and see.

Has anyone tried Estee Lauder 'Sumptuous' mascara yet?

My mom finally let me wear mascara but only on occasions.

But she let me try it on tomorrow. : ) She bought like 40$ from Estee Lauder at Macy's and they gave a gift. So she gave me the Sumptuous mascara in black. I was wondering.....:

Does it work well?

How long does it take to put on?

Does it clump, flake, or smudge?

Does it give you raccoon eyes?

Is it long lasting?

Does it do what it says?

Is it easy to wipe/wash off?Has anyone tried Estee Lauder 'Sumptuous' mascara yet?
Must be new, have not used it. I like Maybelline Stilletto and L'Oreal Voluminous, drug store brands, both come off with soap and water, dove preferably.

Raccoon eyes are if you are sweaty or have oily skin or don't do makeup checks during the day , or if you don't properly remove makeup the night before ,or if you sleep in eyemake. or live in a humid climate. I used to have to use water proof eye makeup when I lived in south Florida, just to avoid the makeup drudge, taking off waterproof makeup was a pain, Water proof makeup is ok if you want to wear it at the beach or go swimming/spa fun. Have fun with your new makeup and practice with it, especially before a big occassion, practice putting makeup on your friends and try different effects, just don't over do it. as people will see the makeup, your age and they won't see you. Sometimes mascara is all you need!

Talentplus questions for Estee Lauder company?

Has anyone done the talent plus interview for an account coordinator position with Lauder company? Any examples of questions?Talentplus questions for Estee Lauder company?
I found a website that promotes this program. It can tell you a little more about it.…

Each Talent Plus Interview is carefully researched and validated to ensure that the questions differentiate the best performers from those who are mediocre or poor performers. Each Talent Plus interview is made up of behavioral elements or life themes, which research has shown to be essential to successful job performance. Following the completion of the interview questions, the interviewer has a “profile” of the varying strengths of the interviewee’s life themes. This allows the interviewer to identify the success potential of the candidate in the particular position prior to making the hiring decision, avoiding costly hiring mistakes.

Here's a sample report:…
  • nappy hair
  • The perfume called 'beautiful' by estee lauder?

    is that scent for mature women? i got it as a gift but im only 15 and it doesn't seem right for teens.. but i don;t wanna just leave it alone since that perfume is pretty expensive , i think, has anyone smelled it? what do you think??The perfume called 'beautiful' by estee lauder?
    I know quite a few older women who wear it, but that doesn't mean it's not right for you. Perfume will smell different on everyone. Give it a try.

    Some popular teen scents right now are Touch of Pink by LaCoste and Magnetism by Escada.The perfume called 'beautiful' by estee lauder?
    Put this in you bag of tricks for when are older.... Never buy perfume for anyone... If you would like some go to the cozmetics store and try just a very samll sample on the wrist.... Why??? Every one has a different natural fragrance and acids and oils in the skin that will make trash smelling to the most expensive perfume....Or be wonderful smelling at the 99 cent store...Example:: Not everyone can wear Liz Taylor White Diamonds....

    Keep the stuff and put it some place till you feel the odor is for You...
    Try exchanging it for the new one Pleasures Delight by estee lauder...I used to work at the lauder counter and I love it! Plus, it's a sweeter scent, more appropriate I would think for a teen. Either way, your scent is what makes you unique, wear whatever you love to smell like!
    Hey Sam!

    Listen, my wife wore that for years and believe that she began when she was 17 or18. Yeah, it is a bit pricey but at one time, it was top of the line. It's a really nice scent. I don't pick it up that often on others. I agree, I also think it is not really for teens. So, it may be adult-ish type scent that you can grow into. At any rate, you can keep it or re-gift it. Just don't give it to my mother. Ha Ha
    Its not really that expensive. Typically yes, it is a mature scent. However, I'm 22 and I bought some for my mum and occasionally when I'm looking for a different scent than my usual perfumes, I borrow some of her 'Beautiful'.

    Estee lauder double wear foundation?

    is it good to cover acne?Estee lauder double wear foundation?
    I mostly end up beginning low end and using several types. Do what fits your situation and I bet your instinct will be right.Estee lauder double wear foundation?
    It all depends on application, skin type, etc. I can tell you that double wear is extremely thick -- it's exactly what you would assume, based on the title. If you apply too much, it might even contribute to your acne depending on how well your skin/chemistry takes to it. If you want to try it out, maybe try using as light a layer as possible; what I would really recommend for acne is to try and keep your skin clean/let it breathe instead of completely covering it up with something like double wear. Good luck!

    Is Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair really great for your skin? Want to purchase if it works it's very $$$

    I tried it and was not impressed. You don't say if you are trying to reduce the look of wrinkles or whatever. I was just reading about a product called Caracol Cream that has gotten really good press. Also Strivectin... both are expensive but expensive is OK if it works, right? Also, getting enough sleep and staying out of the sun are the best things you can do for your skin. Good luck!

    Napolean & Estee Lauder cosmetics- have u tried this brand? Are they good?

    Especially looking for lipgloss and eyeliner.. Pls share ur opinion. Which brand of cosmetics will suit 25s gal?

    thanksNapolean %26amp; Estee Lauder cosmetics- have u tried this brand? Are they good?
    neutrogena, urban decay, estee lauder, lancome, and clinique are all awesome!!! hope i hlpd :]Napolean %26amp; Estee Lauder cosmetics- have u tried this brand? Are they good?
    Estee is better for age 35 and up. I do like their perfumes, and skincare. For eye/lip products head straight to mac or benefit. Anyone in their 20's will love these brands.
    I like prescriptive and BareEscentuals.
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